There’s more going on in the universe than you know about. There’s more happening on this very world. Supernatural beings move among us, hiding their true power in order to pass unnoticed. They hide themselves not for their own safety, but for yours.

All of that is starting to change. The news is becoming harder and harder to contain. Some of us have realized that the truth will get out no matter what we do to stop it. But rumor is just as powerful, and much more sinister. So we’re going to try to set the record straight, before it becomes too skewed to save.

These stories are absolutely true. Each is taken directly from our own journals and mission logs from when these things were actually happening. Will they be biased by our own individual worldviews? Unavoidably. But at least you’ll have our side of the story. Make your own conclusions – you would do so anyway. We’ll have done our best, and that’s all we can really expect.

Hopefully our best will be enough.