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Ian Mayes, a California native, is currently living in Utah. Former Soldier, former Roughneck, loving father, and aspiring writer. Currently, he’s working on his second full-length genre fantasy novel, as well as a couple of short story submissions. He’s a man of many parts, working hard to figure out how they all fit together. When not practicing guitar, working out, or outlining another book, he’s doting on his beautiful daughter, enjoying good company, and good times.

Ian generally writes Coren’s point of view, and serves as the blog’s Creative Director.

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Dan Hunsaker was born in Colorado, has lived in Idaho no less than THREE times, spent a few years in Pennsylvania, and took an all-expense-paid three-and-a-half-year vacation to Hawaii, care of the United States Navy. Luckily, he’s managed to recover from all of that with enough of his mind intact to write semi-coherent entries about Forsythe, despite being married for six full years, and having two children, before suddenly entering the harsh territory of divorce.

Dan generally writes Forsythe’s point of view, and serves as the blog’s Technical Director.

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