The Aeon Chronicles is a “reboot” of the world and events revealed in the Authors’ earlier attempts to tell the story of Coren, the plucky Angel who’ll save the earth, or literally die trying, and Forsythe, a mortal man who became much more, and still finds himself beset by an enemy far too great for him to handle alone.

Those who followed the original blog will know exactly why the change in URL was necessary, and it was Ian and Dan’s unanimous decision to reinvent the original story – much of which had been created on the fly, in a world pieced together as the story unfolded, leaving several holes in the story, inconsistencies in the world and the reader’s understanding of it, and several missed opportunities in terms of the characters, setting, and story itself that we felt the story suffered without.

It’s our intention to see this reboot eclipse the original in every way, but especially in terms of quality and entertainment value. We hope that this attempt to re-establish the characters you know and love, with a solid understanding of the world they live in, will soar to greater heights than the original ever could.

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